How many designers and developers do you have?
Globus Infotech Software Solutions is an Offshore Web Design and Development Company, which takes up all web related projects worldwide. Globus Infotech initiated its developing process on. From then Globus Infotech didn't have any looking back. Globus Infotech offer all kind of web designing and development services. Globus Infotech also provides other services like Search Engine Optimization, Application Development, Web Hosting, Onsite Solutions, and Online Assistance for your websites. Globus Infotech has more than 10+ developers specializing in PHP, ASP, and 5+ Web Designers and Graphic Designers. Globus Infotech develops Offshore outsourcing projects from USA, Australia, UK and other European client's projects.
What are the services do you Offer?
Globus Infotech Software Solutions offers all kind of web related solutions. Globus Infotech provides web designing and graphic designing. Globus Infotech also offers web development solutions in PHP, ASP and provides other services like Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Content Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Customer Support Executives for online assistance in your website. To know more about the service offered
Why the projects should be outsourced to Globus Infotech?
If a client is looking for a project to be done, Globus Infotech would be the right choice as it gives out what the clients have in their mind. Globus Infotech professional always thinks out of the box. We are ready to work till you get satisfied with the quality of work. Providing unlimited changes of designs is possible only in Globus Infotech. Globus Infotech takes the pride of providing bug free script. The ability to handle high level projects, creativity, ability to complete the projects within the timeline assured, nominal cost for its phenomenal services argues that the projects should be outsourced to Globus Infotech.
What makes Globus Infotech a better concern than the other web based Companies?
Globus Infotech is well known for its high quality services and it provides you the right solution in the right time. Globus Infotech always stick towards its timeframe mentioned. Getting a project done within the stipulated timeframe is possible for Globus Infotech because of its dedication towards the project, higher degree of communication, thinking out of the box, creativity, always ready to listen what client says. All the mentioned points join hands with the hard work which is the open secret that makes Globus Infotech a better concern than other web based companies.
How can I contact Globus Infotech?
Contacting Globus Infotech will not be a problem at any cost as we have 24/7 Online Assistance on our web site. All you have to do is just click the header part of our website and we will be welcoming you here. You can also reach our Customer Support at and you can contact us over phone at 91-44-43863482 VOIP. To know more about our contact details click here.
Is it possible to get discounts for the projects outsourced to Globus Infotech?
Yes, it is always possible to get discounts for your projects. We will provide you with a considerable percentage of discounts if we are receiving projects from you on a regular basis. The cost we provide is a nominal one when compared to our phenomenal service. Our sole aim is not to make a gunny bag of dollars, but to have handful number of satisfied clients. We will always compromise with our cost, but we will never compromise with our quality. We always follow the mantra "Your Satisfaction is Our Passion".
Do you charge for the projects on project basis or based on the hourly rate?
We generally charge on project basis but, if you have projects in a regular flow we can charge you based on the number of hours involved in the work flow. All the more there will not be much difference. Just a few bucks may differ. You will be getting a top class, high quality professional output in the same way you desired, irrespective of your payment basis.
What are your payment breakups and what mode of payments you accept?
We generally work on advance payment. The modes of payment we accept are Paypal, Wire Transfer and Western Union Money Transfer as our modes of payment. Kindly find our price break ups below.
1. 25% payment has to be provided before the project starts.
2. 50% payment has to be made when the site is ready for User Acceptance Testing
3. Remaining 25% must be paid once the user signs off on testing.
4. The site will be developed, hosted and tested on our testing servers only. After the full payment is made, the site will be moved to a server of client's choice.
In some cases the payment terms varies and gets accepted after mutual acceptance of both the service provider and Client.
Do you provide maintenance for the websites even after the launch of the web site?
Yes, we do provide maintenance for websites we have developed even after the launch of the website. If a bug occurs because of our script, we will be providing a life long maintenance for your website, and if the bug occurs due to the enhancement of the website, we will be charging a very affordable cost.
Does Globus Infotech provide web hosting services? What are the details you would require to provide me hosting?
Yes, we do provide web hosting services too. We would require your website URL, the space require, email accounts required, server you would prefer (Windows or Linux) and other billing details such as your name and address.
How could I trust your words regarding the quality of your work?
Kindly have a look at our clients' feedback given after completing their projects successfully in a timely manner at If you are still not satisfied with the testimonials we can also provide you with the contact details of our client. Obviously you will trust us regarding the quality of our work after seeing the first update from us.