Web Design

Why Globus Infotech?
Globus Infotech has been in the business of web development since our beginning in 2009. We know the value of good web site design, cool graphics and creating a website that follows the trends. We pay a lot of attention to design and make sure our designers are constantly working to improve their knowledge and skill. It's a fact that people judge a book by it's cover, and it's no different when it comes to websites. A poor looking design will give people a poor impression, so invest in a high quality design to ensure the success of your site.

Adobe Photoshop has risen to become the design tool of choice for designers creating websites and graphics for the web. We primarily use Photoshop for designing websites and any graphics that need to go with it. If you request the source of the website, it will come in PSD format.

CSS controls how a site looks, the fonts it uses and the position of text. Its use has grown over the years to become the method of choice for defining the visual side of websites. We use advanced valid CSS to control the look and appearance of the sites that we design.

This is the strict form of HTML. In general, XHTML sites don't contain any table tags, instead, the positioning is defined in the CSS document. This has become known as tableless CSS and it is generally agreed that it is the future of web design. Globus Infotech will code all new sites in valid XHTML using the tableless CSS method unless the client specifically asks otherwise.

Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator is used to create vector graphics which may be necessary for web graphics or offline promotional literature. Globus Infotech has talented computer artists that will use Illustrator to create custom graphics to your requirements.

Although very common in the late 90's and early 00's, Flash in websites are losing their appeal as people often skip flash intros. However, Flash is seeing a resurgence to power interactive sites such as Chat and web cam communities.

Regaining popularity due to its incorporation with AJAX assisted websites, Javascript is coming in to its own to create a better user experience on websites