Web Development

Why Globus Infotech?
Globus Infotech has been developing countless websites. we have improved, modified and worked on many more. As you would expect from an outsourcing web development company, our costs are much lower, while maintaing the same professionallsm that you would expect from a local development company.

LAMP Stack
"Also known as Linux Apache PHP & mySQL to the non-techies. It's called a LAMP stack because it is comprised of all Open Source software. The majority of our web applications are coded using LAMP technologies because they have excellent reliability, can be run on the majority of servers, is cost effective and can easily be updated.

This is an open source database used by small and large websites alike. Praised for its scalability and ability to handle heavy traffic sites, mySQL is often the database technology of choice for Web 2.0 sites and small start up businesses.

Not a programming language in its own right, it is a combination of technologies that gives added interactivity to a website and increases a user's experience. It is mostly used for features that can be considered as 'cool' rather than add anything substantial to a site. Most Web 2.0 sites make heavy use of AJAX to give them that 'cool' feel.

Often websites need a way to simply manage the content on their website, be it text, images or video. A Content Management System is the perfect answer to most website requirements where the owner can easily add and edit pages and content on their website.

Ever since Amazon came along and revolutionized the way we buy things online, e-Commerce has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry. But not all companies are getting it right. Globus Infotech can help you build an e-Commerce store that will have your customers flocking, providing a great experience for them and excellent reporting facilities for yourself.

Payment Solutions
People always need to pay for products and services online. The more convenient the better which is why companies like PayPal have had astronomical growth. If you are interested in breaking in to the lucrative payment solution market, globus infotech has vast amounts of experience in developing 'PayPal' style websites.